Thai Technology Center Launches New Platform to Support Public Sector

Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Centre (Nectec) has launched a new platform, which will support the public sector’s move to share necessary data for further use by businesses and citizens.
Nectec executive director Chai Wutiwiwatchai said the center continues to support open technology platforms, which are useful for the public, and government agencies can now use the Open-D platform to build their own open data faster.
He said open data is currently vital for the development of innovations and have become a crucial part of digital transformation. Open government data is part of the government’s key policies supporting transparency. State agencies can share quality data for public use. This open data can be leveraged by businesses and individuals for analysis and innovation.
Thailand’s website, developed by the Digital Government Agency, is a platform for open government data. Open data is a global trend that will support marketing, employment and cost saving.


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