Mother’s Day shooting stars- where to watch “Perseid” meteor shower

Members of the general public are urged not to miss the “Perseid” meteor shower or “Mother’s Day meteor shower” on Mother’s Day (Aug 12) night through to the dawn of 13 August
The Perseids are expected to reach an a peak rate of 110 meteors per hour in the early hours of 13 August around 2 am. It is also the best time for viewing thanks to clear skys without moonlight, according to the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand or NARIT.
The Agency suggest places far away from cities with dark and open sky are ideal. The Perseids can be spotted with the naked eye without any special equipment. If there’s no rain, viewers will enjoy the shooting stars flying across the skies of Thailand.
The “colorful” Persieds can be seen annually around 17- 24 August. They are the second brightest meteor shower after the Leonids.
The Perseids meteor shower originates from Swift-Tuttle Comet’s debris left in orbit, causing colorful flashes in the sky when the Earth slams into the particles.
Those who would like to join a livestream to watch the spectacle online, should visit NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center’s Facebook page where it will be streamed from skywatching cameras.


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