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Red lotuses in full bloom in Nong Khai

Red lotuses in full bloom in Nong Khai

In Nong Khai, red lotuses have begun to emerge from the water, blooming beautifully. Tourists can admire their beauty until the end of March.

The red lotuses at “Wang Bua Daeng”, which covers an area of more than 416 hectares in two sub-districts of Pakho and Wiang Cook, Muang Nong Khai district, begun to emerge from the water to get the cool air at the end of last year. Right now the number of lotuses is steadily increasing. It is expected that the number will beat its highest in February. Nong Bo village, Pako subdistrict, has the largest number of red lotuses.

The time for viewing the lotuses is from 6am-12pm. After 12pm the flowers close their petals. The tourists will also get to see the community lifestyle of the villagers and a variety of birds. The villagers have built a pontoon so tourists can take photographs and get a closer look at the blooming lotuses. Sightseeing tours by boat are also available for those wishing to sail around the lake. There are more than 10 boats and each can accommodate 2-4 people. The villagers’ boats are also available. Adults are charged 50 baht each. Older children are charged 25 baht each. Young children can use the boat service free of charge. The boat trip takes at least half an hour. Life vests are available for everyone.


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Reporter : Sirakij Pornbanggird

Rewriter : Hugh Brammar

National News Bureau & Public Relations : http://thainews.prd.go.th

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