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Field hospitals receiving COVID-19 patients as hospital beds become scarce

Field hospitals receiving COVID-19 patients as hospital beds become scarce

 The surge in COVID-19 cases in recent days has proven to be a challenge of hospital capacity. Field and temporary hospitals, like the one at Thammasat University, are now receiving COVID-19 patients to ensure hospital beds will be available for those who need them more.

The first COVID-19 patients of the April new wave have just arrived at Thammasat Field Hospital, a temporary hospital converted from a 14-floor dormitory building at the university Rangsit campus.

Reopened for the third time, this field hospital has been upgraded to accommodate up to 470 patients, with each room now accommodating two people, improving this field hospital’s capacity from the initial 380 beds.

Patients admitted here are mostly patients with mild symptoms, who have been transferred from an actual hospital, at which they have spent no less than 48 hours under monitoring after testing positive for the coronavirus. Patients here can have been transferred from any hospital, be it public or private, and university hospitals.

Dr Karicha Mairaing, deputy director of Thammasat Field Hospital, said today that the field hospital is expected to be full in 2-3 days, as many hospitals have already made requests to transfer patients here.

She said the field hospital may be expanded to other areas, according to developments in patient numbers.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is planning to convert Bangkok Arena located in Nong Chok district into another field hospital, pending public consultation, which City Hall is positive will not bring about repercussions.

The conversion of this indoor sports arena will require the construction of separate washrooms for hygienic reasons, placement of patient beds, and the construction of rest areas for health workers.

The venue is seen by the city as suitable to serve as a field hospital, due to its remote location from communities, and good ventilation.

With the number of available beds at hospitals dwindling, patients who tested positive for COVID-19, and who are still looking for hospital beds, should call the 1668 hotline for a hospital admission assignment. Alternatively, they can call the National Health Security Office hotline 1330 for assistance.


Information and Source

Reporter : Tanakorn Sangiam

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

National News Bureau & Public Relations : http://thainews.prd.go.th

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