Thai Health Promotion Launches “Vaccine Jai” Campaign to Reduce COVID-19 related Suicides

Thai Health Promotion Foundation has launched the “Vaccine Jai” campaign in an attempt to reduce COVID-19 related suicides.
According to the foundation, the campaign was launched at a virtual seminar, involving Srinakharinwirot University and the Department of Mental Health, to help people maintain mental stability.
Foundation director Chatwut Wangwon said more than 4 million people in the tourism industry, who have lost their jobs, are at the risk suicidal thoughts, as they cannot generate income, citing data from the Office of SME Promotion and the Department of Mental Health.
He said “Vaccine Jai” is a mental health assessment tool which aims to evaluate risks and provide guidelines for pandemic-related mental health issues, adding that it will be accessible at all times and will have a set of 20 questions, changed monthly, to rejuvenate the mental health of people, especially those in the tourism sector.


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