Private medical facilities allowed to recommend Home Isolation

 The Department of Health Service Support (HSS) is working to remedy the issue of private medical facilities turning away people seeking COVID-19 tests, due to not having enough beds, by declaring a new approach to care.
HSS Director-General Dr. Tares Krassanairawiwong outlined today that the new “2021 Care, Prevention, Control and Forwarding of COVID-19 Patients by Medical Facilities declaration” allows private hospitals and clinics that identify green level COVID-19 patients, to recommend such individuals undertake Home Isolation. Previously, the declaration obligated the facilities to immediately admit them and coordinate the forwarding of these patients, but the requirement led to many places turning away people seeking tests.
Facilities that place patients in Home Isolation have to provide them with temperature scanners, oxygen gauges, pharmaceuticals, and food and engage in regular video calls with them so that prompt action may be taken if their condition deteriorates. The new declaration takes retroactive effect from July 9, and medical facilities are asked to resume COVID-19 testing.
Patients assigned to Home Isolation must be younger than 60 years of age, in good health, not present any symptoms of the virus, not be obese or suffering from a chronic illness and be able to isolate in an abode alone. They must submit of their own free will to the approach, and have their capacity evaluated by a physician.
Yellow or red level patients, or those unable to isolate at home, must be declared to the Public Health Service Center in Bangkok or their provincial public health office. Information on the changes can be found by calling the National Health Security Office hotline 1330.


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