Bangkok closes higher-risk establishments, announced maximum control level in 3 districts

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has announced maximum disease control levels in 3 districts, including Bang Phlat, Nong Khaem, Bang Khun Tien. This announcement gives district chiefs more power close businesses posing higher risks of COVID-19 transmission, and places where social distancing is difficult to apply. All higher-risk establishments will be closed, effective midnight today.
The BMA has just announced closure orders for additional businesses, with the latest now covering service venues, water parks, amusement parks, children’s playgrounds, children’s rides, flea markets, snooker clubs, billiard venues, game arcades, internet cafes, cockfight pits, daycare centers, day-visit nursing homes, boxing stadiums, martial arts schools, gyms, horse racetracks, bathhouses, massage parlors, stadia, conference halls and similar venues, amulet markets, pre-schools, body piercing shops, school buildings and facilities, tutoring schools and educational institutes.
Some pre-schools, schools under the BMA and tutoring schools will extend their previously announced closures until 17 January 2021. Other listed establishments must close down at midnight tonight.
The authorities are now reviewing potential widespread effects of the closure of dine-in sections at restaurants. The BMA will be discussing this matter with the CCSA tomorrow.


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