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4.56 million people register for We Travel Together campaign

4.56 million people register for We Travel Together campaign

More than 4.56 million people have registered for the government’s latest tourism stimulus campaign known as Rao Tiew Duay Kan (We Travel Together) since July 15.

Mr Lavaron Sangsnit, Director General of the Fiscal Policy Office (FPO), as a spokesman of the Ministry of Finance, said today that the Ministry of Finance has been sending confirmation SMSs to those who successfully registered.

Since July 18, more than 236,000 rooms have been reserved. Each applicant can reserve up to five rooms for five nights. More than 193,000 rooms have already been paid for.

Since the start of the long weekend, people have been traveling to the destinations where their hotel rooms were booked. More than 21,300 rooms under the campaign have been checked into and more than 6,200 rooms were checked out of.

The government has offered eligible applicants a 40-percent discount on rooms limited to a maximum 3,000 baht per room per night. When tourists travel by air, the government will refund 40 percent of the ticket price, but no more than 1,000 baht per seat. The refund will be made via the Pao Tang application. The campaign also offers a digital coupon or an e-voucher worth 600 baht per day, to be spent on food and entrance fees for participating tourist attractions.

To stimulate tourism during the week, the government has increased the value of weekday accommodation vouchers from 600 baht to 900 baht per day, to encourage travel on those days.

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