Tourism industry rolls out Thailand Sure 2020 Tourism Safety certification

Tourism industry rolls out Thailand Sure 2020 Tourism Safety certification
Domestic tourism has restarted since the Phase 4 easing of restrictions took place in Thailand, with attractions now starting to see many guests. Some people however, are still concerned about the potential spread of COVID-19. To alleviate this concern and promote domestic tourism, the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion (OSMEP) has partnered with the Tourism Council of Thailand to introduce the Thailand Sure 2020 symbol, provided to tourism businesses certified for their health and safety measures.
The Thailand Sure 2020 symbol will be given to attractions, accommodation, shops, and restaurants, as well as transport providers proven to have implemented effective safety, health, hygiene, and management measures, to serve as a safety guarantee for domestic travellers.
In addition, the OSMEP will be holding an SME Regular Level 2020 workshop, promoting the growth of businesses and providing consultation for some 300 tourism businesses.
The Tourism Authority of Thailand’s (TAT) Governor Yuthasak Supasorn, said today the tourism sector has started to recover after hitting rock bottom. The TAT is focusing on the promotion of domestic tourism in the first year after the outbreak, attracting regular international Thai travellers, who in total spend some 440 billion baht each year, to make domestic trips. It is expected this strategy should generate no less than 300 billion baht cashflow for the domestic tourism industries.
Meanwhile, the government’s domestic tourism promotion campaign, introduced with discounts of up to 40 percent on hotel stays as well as transportation discounts, will now have to be reviewed and approved by the Cabinet, but is expected to be relaunched early next month.

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