BMTA buses to increase capacity as schools reopen

BMTA buses to increase capacity as schools reopen
Public buses in Bangkok operated by the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority (BMTA) will from 1st July relax its social distancing measures, allowing buses to accept passengers at up to 70 percent maximum capacity. Passengers travelling together will also be able to share a double seat.
From 1st July, which is the opening date of schools this year, the BMTA will operate increased bus services with some 3,000 buses deployed depending on the hour, operating some 25,000 trips daily.
Prior to service, buses will be well cleaned, with high touch surfaces such as seats, hand rails, and bell buttons being disinfected. Each bus will be equipped with an alcohol gel dispenser at its door for the use of passengers.
Some seats on the bus will still be blocked-off, however a double seat which only a single passenger is currently allowed to sit on, can now be shared by two passengers travelling together.
Passengers are encouraged to check-in and check-out after boarding and before leaving the bus, by scanning the QR code located on seatbacks and at other locations inside the bus to log their travel history, which will enable effective contact tracing by health officials should a COVID-19 patient be identified onboard. Bus drivers, fare collectors, and all passengers are required to wear face masks at all times.

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