Dazzling from home

Dazzling from home

By Dr. Manisha Bose

Revolutionising the way diamonds are sold at the tender age of 25, Akanksha Mehta-Shah, Partner at Living Stars Co., Ltd, successfully developed a work-from-home culture in diamond sales before it ever became a necessity.

Akanksha Mehta Shah Dazzling from home
Akanksha Mehta Shah

Living Stars is a family business that manufactures, wholesales, retails cut and polished diamonds and ships worldwide. They sell all cuts, colors, clarities, shapes, and sizes of loose diamonds; a one-stop-shop for all your diamond requirements. They also provide Customized Jewelry and Diamond Setting Services. As their motto says, “Think of Diamonds, Think of Us.” You can find out more about them at their online store: www.facebook.com/livingstardiamonds.

Akanksha’s journey on this path began as a little girl. She had seen her father work with freelancers whom he would train in diamond sales. In 2015, Akanksha’s father passed the baton onto her, and she did the same. However, Akanksha chose to train only women, specifically those looking to get back into the workplace. Using what she had learned from the MIS part of her dual major in Finance/MIS at Rutgers University, USA, she created a digital platform that made working more convenient and accessible to everyone, which also resulted in her office becoming a sustainable work environment.

What Akanksha gave these women was incredible flexibility; they were selling diamonds and showing up for their children, spouses, parents, and in-laws whenever they were needed. Being a woman herself, who would eventually start a family, her goal was to create something that helped womankind do what they love without compromise and work from home even after marriage and increased responsibility. For this very reason, in February 2022, she was awarded the title of “Promising Young Entrepreneur” by the #WomanPower, a global movement, Thailand Chapter.

Akanksha has been able to generate work for women and create a paperless office in the process, reducing her company’s carbon footprint. She has always been passionate about doing her part in taking care of the environment and with digitization of the workplace she was able to do just that.

Akanksha Mehta Shah Dazzling from home
Akanksha Mehta Shah

Akanksha Mehta-Shah is originally from Gujarat, which is on the western side of the Indian Subcontinent. She grew up in Thailand, went to university in the USA, and now lives in Bangkok with her family. She also runs a vegetarian food and travel blog on Instagram (www.instagram.com/nashaforeva1212) where she supports local restaurants and women-led businesses by creating digital content for them. All she does, she does with one goal in mind: taking everyone up the ladder of success with her.

This young girl is a part of #WomanPower a Global Movement and is always committed to give her services to the movement as her mission aligns with the vision of the movement.

As the Chapter Head of the Movement I look forward to working with Aakansha and use her expertise to execute the plans for the movement .

Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #Women Power a Global Movement Thailand .
[email protected]

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  1. What inspired you to start your own work-from-home diamond business?

    Thank you for asking this question. I started my own work-from-home diamond business because I saw my father do it and I thought it was a great idea. I was also inspired by my grandmother who was a jeweler and then started my own business.

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