Chiang Rai opens local textile winter market

For this year’s winter season, local weavers in Chiang Khong district of Chiang Rai province have opened a local textile flea market selling the district’s famous OTOP-branded textiles for visitors.
The local textile flea market at Hat Bai – Hat Sai Thong sells hand-woven textiles using the traditional technique of Tai Lue people in the area made by small local manufacturers, as well as OTOP products, farm products, and local delicacies.
The market is positioned as an attraction to promote community-based tourism in the area that highlights the identities of Tai Lue communities, and help promote border trade between Thailand and Laos.
Hat Bai and Hat Sai Thong are home to scenic tourism attractions from the river to the mountains. The villages won the OTOP Community Based Tourism award in Chiang Rai province in 2018.


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Reporter : Tanakorn Sangiam

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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