Which countries are now leading the Covid-19 vaccination race

The leading Covid-19 vaccines manufacturers around the world are pumping out the needed vaccines as the world of 7.8 billion people is in grave need for immunity to get back to normal life as soon as possible.
A vaccination race has raised the global concern over the “vaccine nationalism” issue as the demand for vaccines is outpacing the world’s supplies.
Israel is still leading the race in terms of doses per capita, with a rate of 56.3 vaccination doses per 100 people. Meanwhile, the United States is leading in terms of the total number, with 31.12 million doses having been administered in the country (as of February 1st, 2021), according to Our World in Data, a global tracking website affiliated with Oxford University.
So far Thailand has ordered 61 million doses of vaccine from AstraZeneca and 2 million doses from Sinovac. The country is now waiting for the delivery with the distribution plan ready to give the vaccines to the most vulnerable groups first. With the population of around 70 million, Thailand has performed well to control Covid-19 pandemic, with 20,454 confirmed cases / 7,158 active cases / 79 deaths.

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