ViMUT Hospital Provides COVID-19 Vaccinations for Chinese Nationals in Thailand

Bangkok’s ViMUT Hospital, on Pahonyothin Road in Bangkok, is working with the Chinese embassy to provide COVID-19 vaccinations for Chinese nationals living in Thailand.
The hospital said it delivered vaccinations to people working for Huawei Technologies (Thailand) on May 21st and aims to vaccinate at least 20,000 Chinese nationals as part of the inoculation drive. It will also work with other embassies interested in providing vaccinations for their nationals from June 7th onwards.
Meanwhile, the hospital is getting ready to provide the second jab for medical personnel in the Bangkok metropolitan area. Senior citizens and those with chronic conditions, as well as the general public, will receive their first dose according to the schedule defined by the government.
People wishing to have a health check, to assess their readiness for the jab, or related medical advice, can visit the hospital in person. People can also call (02) 079 0000, direct their queries to ViMUT Hospital’s Facebook page or its official Line account.

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Reporter : Subhabhong Rarueysong

Rewriter : Hugh Brammar

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