Unveiling India’s Drug Crisis: Insights from Monish Bhalla’s Book, India Drugged

Unveiling India’s Drug Crisis: Insights from Monish Bhalla’s Book, India Drugged

India Drugged, a book written by Former NCB officer, Monish Bhalla who gifted this book to me couple of months ago. Reading this book has truly been an eye opener and Monish evidently is on a mission on drug -free India: Nasha Mukt Bharat Abhiyan.

Unveiling India's Drug Crisis: Insights from Monish Bhalla's Book, India Drugged
Monish Bhalla & Dr. Manisha Bose

This book has been an Amazon Best seller and a very easy read.

The book is divided into 10 distinct chapters. Each chapter is backed with research and documented. The book is  presented to us from an insider’s point of view and the experiential knowledge is hard hitting.

He presents the dark truth about 12 states regarding the drug menace, its modus operandi and nexus of drug mafia. He brings out a very poignant point that how the drugs used for fun becomes an addiction and all these menace is not only ruining the consumers but the money earned by the drug mafia is used for illegal and anti – national activities.

Young girls as young as 13 yrs. old are getting involved as drug carriers and social media has been playing a crucial role in it . There is a whole chapter on ‘Deep Web’ exposing the Darknet Markets and Tor bursting Darknet drug syndicate. He also points out that how high -tech gadgets are today in the hands of Narco- terrorists.

 He mentions that  NCB has been making collaborative efforts with Indian Navy and with Boarder Security Forces to combat drug smuggling. While NCB seizes drugs in huge quantities yet there cannot be 100 pec success for any agency. Large amounts of drugs do reach the market. There is a whole chapter on drug seizure with timeline and quantity which only an NCB officer could expose. While exposing every hand involved in this smuggling, he also does not mince words about some corrupt officers.

He exposes the “Chemistry and Economics of drugs” which could have been a chapter very heavy to read but Monish keeps it as simple and easy to comprehend by lay person.

While suggesting positive steps to combat this menace of drugs in the chapter “Nasha Mukt Bharat ‘he gives his expert legal advice of decriminalization, depenalization and legalization in the next chapter called “The Endless Debate “.

Monish Bhalla

 As a legal expert Monish advocates a complete “over haul” of judicial system and presses to amplify strategies in war against drugs. What is very endearing is that he asserts to have a humanitarian approach dealing with the addicts. The chapter “Sick or a Criminal “is very thought-provoking.

This 280 pages book is enlightening and yet a very easy to grasp book. It will open our eyes to many hidden and obvious facts that we stay oblivious of.

He writes “The war on drugs has just begun and it’s a long way to go………We need a strong hand with a soft heart. “

India Drugged : An Eye Opener Paperback – Import, 25 May 2023

By Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #WomenPower a Global Movement Thailand.
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