Their Majesties the King and Queen graciously met with subjects in Nakhon Pathom

 Their Majesties the King and Queen graciously met with subjects gathered to receive them at the Government Complex in Nakhon Pathom.
On November 18, 2020 at 7:23PM, Their Majesties the King and Queen met with members of the public, who had gathered in the area of the Government Complex in Muang district of Nakhon Pathom province to receive them, during their laying of a foundation stone for the Region 7 Appellate Court and Nakhon Pathom Courthouse.
Their Majesties the King and Queen devoted much time to meeting with the many people, who had traveled from various districts of Nakhon Pathom to receive them, including elderly and infirm residents of the province as well as people from surrounding areas, such as Bangkok, Ratchaburi and Prachuapkirikan. All wore yellow shirts and waved national and royal flags, with many holding up images of Their Majesties as a show of their loyalty and devotion.
All present chanted “Long Live the King” and “Thai People Love the King” as Their Majesties waved and smiled warmly. Despite high temperatures, resulting in visible perspiration on both of Their Majesties, they showed no sign of fatigue and addressed all who had come together to receive them, even allowing for their photographs to be taken and signing their autographs on some pictures.
The royal medical division was tasked to work with local medical institutions to provide free health and dental checkups to all who had gathered, and a royal cafeteria was established to provide food and drink, garnering great appreciation from Their Majesties’ subjects.
Nakhon Pathom has a rich history of royal visits. King Rama IV traveled to the province while ordained as a monk and performed a religious pilgrimage, deciding to construct a pagoda to contain various sacred items in the province. King Rama V commissioned the southern rail line to run through the province while, during the reign of King Rama VI, Sanam Chan Palace was constructed to serve as a royal residence. The palace instigated the construction of various roads and bridges and also prompted the province to change its name from Nakhon Chai Sri to Nakhon Pathom.
After meeting with subjects for a significant amount of time, Their Majesties the King and Queen returned by royal vehicle to Dusit Palace.


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Reporter : Praphorn Praphornkul

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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