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The Commerce Ministry is concerned over contamination on fresh fruit to the EU

The Commerce Ministry is holding a discussion with exporters to the European Union (EU) after fruit and vegetables from Thailand have been found to contain pesticides.
Commerce Minister Porntiva Nakawisai disclosed that 3 types of agricultural products from Thailand that did not comply with the EU standards were snake beans, tomatoes, and cabbage. According to her, the EU has now increased product sample sizes by four folds, from only 10% to 50%, due to pesticides found in the vegetables exported to the bloc.
She added that the objective of this meeting was to find ways to convince the EU to lower the sampling level, as this time-consuming procedure would cause damage to the produce and might lead to a ban on the products.
Meanwhile, The EU is currently considering adding more Thai vegetables to their list of products subject to EU-standard tests; with the sampling sizes of 10% for micro-organisms contamination, and 20% for traces of pesticides in the products.
The Minister also said the situation could hamper Thailand’s export sector, and will increase the costs of production. Consequently, the export process to the EU could take much longer and would likely reduce the quality of Thailand’s fresh fruit and produce.
She added that the government should impose a stricter control on the export sector and support those who comply with the EU standards.

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