Thailand’s gone vegan🥕🌽🥦🥒🥬🥑🍆🌶️🍄 for a week (until October 7)

Thailand’s gone vegan🥕🌽🥦🥒🥬🥑🍆🌶️🍄 for a week(until October 7) again this year to mark their yearly vegetarian food festival in order to cleanse their mind body and soul and take a break from the regular meat eating 24/7.
This 9-day vegetarian eating festival is gaining popularity with each passing year with more and more people wanting to join in owing to its many advantages to the body, also to minimize killing so much animal life for food. This is the only time of the year in Thailand that finding pure vegan food is NO PROBLEM! Vegan people thoroughly enjoy this time of the year and they make sure to make the most of each day😊 Join in and enjoy their vegetarian delicacies😋 You won’t be disappointed! They make meat look alikes with added meat fragrances in their vegetarian varieties. You’ll be amazed!
Follow the yellow line… we mean the yellow flags are the way to find your vegan destination💛 It won’t be hard to look during this time of the year… they can be seen all over Thailand. It has a yellow flag pinned next to it, it’s 100% vegan, no doubt!