Thai Fruit Takes a Major Step in the International Market

Thai Fruit Takes a Major Step in the International Market

Thai processed fruit is taking a big step in the export market. To improve the potential of export products, the Thai government is lending farmers support as well as helping to increase sales opportunities in the global market.

Agriculture contributes largely to Thailand’s economic growth. Produce remains the biggest source of income for the Kingdom and producers, making agricultural improvement a pivotal task for the administration.

Thailand is well-known for its natural products and gastronomy, with fruit being one of the best selling products alongside crops like Hom Mali or Thai jasmine rice that are consumed the world over.

However, fresh crops collected from farms can spoil or suffer damage during long distance transportation. To tackle the issue, the government is educating domestic entrepreneurs about product preservation and the use of modern packaging innovations that prolong the storage life of harvested produce.

One of the most successful products has been processed bananas known as Chip and Chill, from Pimporn Company. The company uses local bananas in Sukhothai province as the main ingredient, then transforms them into chips with various flavors such as butter and tom yam kung. The manufacturer can produce over 3,000 kilograms daily and the brand owner is aiming to sell the product in additional countries.

Products under the brand “Chip and Chill” are now selling in many supermarkets in China.

To increase awareness about Thai goods in the international market, the Department of Trade Negotiations is urging local SMEs to take advantage of the existing free trade agreements. The department also provides consultation to local agriculturists about improving products and helps them standardize their goods to meet international standards.

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Reporter : Natthaphon  Sangpolsit

Rewriter : Paul Rujopakarn

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