TAT Outlines Plan to Raise Major Revenue in 2023

TAT Outlines Plan to Raise Major Revenue in 2023

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has released its 2023 strategic direction, launching its “Visit Thailand Year 2023” campaign to attract more tourists and boost the country’s revenue to up to 2.38 trillion baht. Despite global uncertainties, TAT Governor Yuthasak Supasorn is confident that this campaign will help stimulate the tourism industry.

The campaign, which was initially planned for 2021-2023, has been shifted to this year due to a number of problems in 2022. In an effort to build high-value and sustainable tourism, TAT plans to use strategies to stimulate tourism spending.

Out of the 2.38 trillion baht, 65% is projected to come from the international market and 35% from the domestic market. TAT has outlined three directions for tourism supply development: experience-based tourism, enhancing safety and service standards, and building a smart tourism ecosystem. The agency has also asked the government to extend the 45-day stay for tourist visas until the end of 2023.

According to TAT, the short-haul market, which accounted for 67.6% of 11.8 million foreign arrivals last year, is expected to be key to the tourism recovery. The agency will focus on two strategic markets: China and countries with the potential to have more than 1 million visitors, such as Malaysia, South Korea, and India.

TAT is also planning to assist operators to increase chartered flights from secondary cities or regions that do not have direct flights to lure pent-up demand after the pandemic.

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