Taste, shop, spend campaign’s Phase 2 to stimulate economy by year-end

The Department of the Comptroller General plans to launch Phase 2 of the ’’taste, shop, spend’’ campaign, which many restaurants and stores have joined, while the people are advised to get prepared to register and make travel and spending plans to help stimulate the economy by year-end. The Ministry of Finance has already prepared Phase 2 of the campaign and will submit it to the cabinet on October 22.
The Department of the Comptroller General can accept more restaurants and stores into the campaign. Over 170,000 restaurants and stores joined in Phase 1 of the campaign.
The Department of the Comptroller General has transferred 8.67 billion baht to those restaurants and stores via the G-Wallet system, under which each registered participant is entitled to 1,000 baht to spend in other provinces than the one in which they are registered.
After the sum of 1,000 baht has been spent via G-Wallet 1, the recipient can add their own money via G-Wallet 2 to spend at those restaurants and stores nationwide and get a 15% refund up to a maximum of 4,500 baht.
Those who registered for Phase 1 of the campaign are advised to spend the money, while those interested in Phase 2 should make prepare for registration.

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Reporter : tewit kemtong
Rewriter : Tarin Angskul
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