Tanya Stockdale – Mind body & Soul

Tanya Stockdale – Mind body & Soul

Presented by Dr. Manisha Bose

Tanya firmly holds the belief that within each of us resides an innate luminosity that illuminates our path, regardless of the circumstances we face. She is of the opinion that by connecting with this internal radiance, we will find the guidance we seek.

Tanya Stockdale - Mind body & Soul
Tanya Stockdale

Born in the enigmatic city of Samarkand, Tanya Stockdale, a British citizen, possesses a unique cultural heritage with a heritage that encompasses 75% Ukrainian and 25% Russian ancestry. Following the completion of her university education, she embarked on a remarkable journey as a “trailing spouse,” traversing cities such as Jakarta, London, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Kuala Lumpur, and now Bangkok.

During her early thirties, Tanya’s fascination with health, nutrition, and overall well-being grew steadily as she dedicated herself to the role of a nurturing housewife, caring for her family. Driven by her passion for fermentation, she embarked on teaching signature sourdough classes to countless women in Bangkok since 2015, inspiring them to take charge of their family’s health and well-being. Along her transformative journey, Tanya also shared her extensive knowledge of fermenting various elements such as Kombucha, water kefir, milk kefir, and cultured vegetables. She has always harboured a profound sense of purpose in assisting others and making a meaningful impact on the world.

The awakening of Tanya’s inner self commenced amidst the adversities she encountered in her own life, as the familiar and seemingly unshakable aspects began to crumble. It was during this time that she realised the sole person she possessed the power to change was herself. In this revelation, she unearthed a wellspring of strength and empowerment she had previously been unaware of. Having been identified as “just a housewife” for an extended period, she had lost touch with her true essence and desires. It was during this challenging period that Tanya turned to meditation, a practice that ultimately transformed her life. Through her meditative experiences, she received the names of her two spiritual teachers, leading her to become a practitioner of the Kagyu Lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. Driven by her quest for personal growth, Tanya voraciously consumed books, talks, and podcasts aimed at overcoming her fears, imposter syndrome, and ego-centric tendencies.

In 2019, she embarked on the establishment of Arura, a startup brand dedicated to integrating ancient wisdom into modern society through the innovative “farm-to-table” concept, utilising natural ingredients sourced sustainably from local communities and farms. Despite encountering numerous obstacles along her entrepreneurial path, Tanya embraced her mistakes as learning opportunities, steadfastly continuing her journey. She wholeheartedly immersed herself in the study of functional medicine, ultimately attaining board certification as a Functional Medicine Practitioner. Building upon her accomplishments, she established another startup called Arura Wellness in 2021, blending scientific tools and data with the age-old wisdom of diet and nutrition. Her specialisation lies in preventing and reversing chronic disease dynamics, with a particular focus on addressing adrenal disorders, hormonal and gut imbalances, auto-immune conditions, and more. Tanya combines dietary and lifestyle adjustments with targeted natural supplements to restore her clients’ health. As a practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism, she adeptly incorporates meditation, cognitive work, and the cultivation of brain-heart coherence into her treatment approach, facilitating her clients’ journey toward optimal well-being. Recently, she embarked on designing and delivering distinctive workshops in functional medicine, educating individuals on proactive measures to prevent or reverse potential disease dynamics in the future. Through her exceptional workshops, webinars, and retreat programs held in Nepal and Thailand, she empowers individuals and corporations alike to assume control of their own health.

For those grappling with suffering or navigating challenges in life, Tanya seeks to impart a resolute message: even in the absence of apparent solutions, a pathway always exists. Once the spark of inner illumination is ignited, its radiance intensifies to such a degree that external circumstances cannot extinguish it. Tanya encourages individuals to become the architects of their own lives, taking each step with unwavering resolve and pressing forward on their journey. When asked about the #Women Power, Thailand she said she is excited to serve in this endeavor which gives women a platform to shine and make others shine. She wants to handhold women to reach their potential which lies in each of us.

By Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #WomenPower a Global Movement Thailand .
[email protected]

Tanya Stockdale - Mind body & Soul