Sorting of infectious waste being promoted in Bangkok

Sorting of infectious waste being promoted in Bangkok

Increased public relations efforts are now being made to encourage people in Bangkok to sort their infectious waste and deposit them at dedicated collection spots so the wastes can be handled and disposed of safely.

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has been placing infectious waste bins for the disposal of face masks and antigen test kits, in communities and at schools, temples, mosques, and public spaces. These dedicated bins have also been put in hospitals, sports centers, youth centers, and public offices under the jurisdiction of the BMA, as well as in markets and at the front of shopping centers. Infographics have been created to communicate the disposal method for used ATKs and face masks, so people are informed of the correct sorting and disposal practices for infectious waste.

General infectious waste and COVID-19 infectious waste from Bangkok’s healthcare facilities, state quarantine sites, quarantine hotels, hospitels, field hospitals, and community isolation centers are collected by The Krungthep Thanakom Co., Ltd. The waste is then disposed of via incineration at the Nong Khaem and On Nut garbage processing facilities operated by the BMA.

Infectious waste, including ATKs and face masks, must not be discarded along with general garbage. They should be put in sealed bags that have the “infectious waste” label or text visible to the collector. This practice reduces the risk of diseases being spread from infectious waste and improves safety for trash collectors.

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Reporter : Namo Vananupong

Rewriter : Thammarat Thadaphrom

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