RCB Film Club’s Closing Film of 2019- ‘ Beautiful Boxer’, Thailand- Saturday 14 December, 4:00 pm

RCB FILM CLUB CLOSING FILM OF 2019! ‘BEAUTIFUL BOXER’, THAILAND (Thai, with English sub-titles) 1 Hr 58 mins
Directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham
Venue: RCB Forum (2nd Floor, River City Bangkok)

RCB Film Club is proud to present the internationally acclaimed Thai film Beautiful Boxer, as its Closing Film of 2019.
This is the movie that was invited to more than 200 global film festivals, won 15 international awards, and was released in over 30 countries around the world.

It is the heartfelt biopic of a famed Muay Thai transsexual kickboxer ‘Nong Toom’ Parinya Charoenphol, who won international fame for his lethal kicks on stage, but always felt a gender crisis. He studied the ancient arts and crafts of Thai kick-boxing, won numerous title-fights, and amassed money, to help his impoverished family, and also to sort himself out of his gender-crisis. The film is tough and realistic when portraying the kickboxing scenes, but is sensitive and beautifully layered in dealing with Nong Toom’s transitions to try to match his body with his soul.
Nong Toom faced criticism both in his professional and personal life, but her strength as a kick-boxer gave her the courage to pursue what she believed in – and the film poignantly portrays the transformation of the tough boxer to the ‘beautiful’ one.
Renowned stage and film director Ekachai Uekrongtham cast professional Muay Thai kick-boxer (Asanee) Ataporn Suwan to play the lead. It was a casting coup, and the latter’s transition from one gender to another, is delicate and stunning.
RCB Film Club is proud to present as its Closing Film of 2019, a unique Thai movie that admirably combines sport, culture, gender relations, and social awareness.
What the Critics said:
New York Times: “Actor Suwan paints the character’s simultaneous sweetness and toughness with a subtlety that confounds the traditional categories of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’.”
San Francisco Chronicle: ‘Film-maker Ekachai Uekrongtham imbues Toom’s story with great tenderness, lush visuals, and fierce physicality.’
With Thailand being Chairman of ASEAN this year, we are honored that Khun Busadee Santipitaks, Director General, Dept of Information, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will introduce the film.
We are also delighted that Director Ekachai Uekrongtham, Nong Toom, the real-life ‘Beautiful Boxer’ on whose life the film is based, and Muay Thai boxer/actor Ataporn Suwan will be present, to do a ‘Q & A’, after the screening.
We are thankful to GMM Grammy, the Charoen Pokphand Group,True Corporation,True Coffee, as also Kinnaree Restaurant and Pulmentum (Bangkok Silver), for supporting our important Thai Closing Film of 2019.
FREE Screening, Q & A after Film Screening, and Closing Reception .
Reservations are recommended, as seats are very limited.
For Reservations: clubmovie2019@gmail.com
Q & A, after Film Screening


Ekachai Uekrongtham is an award-winning film and theatre director known for his feature films such as Beautiful Boxer, Pleasure Factory, The Coffin, Skin Trade, and the acclaimed stage- musical Chang & Eng, based on the lives of the original Siamese Twins. He’s also directed the series Halfworlds 2 for HBO, and executive-produced and co-written GMM Grammy’s hit series Bangkok Love Stories. Currently Head of BRAVO! Studios at GMM Studios International, he’s recently produced and executive-produced the first Thai Netflix Original, The Stranded, now streaming on Netflix worldwide.


Former real-like kickboxing champ Ataporn Suwan won the Suphannahong National Film Award (Thai ‘Oscar’) for Best Actor, for Beautiful Boxer, and the Komchadluek Award for Best Actor, for The Forest. Now a full-time actor, he’s appeared in numerous films, television series and stage shows, including Boxing Boys, a non-verbal theatre performance inspired by the art of Muay Thai and street dance, and Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives, Bangkok’s longest running theatre performance chronicling the history of 300-year-old Muay Thai and ancient Muay Thai heroes.


Nong Toom now owns and runs a Muay Thai gym in Pranburi, Thailand. She has appeared on numerous music videos, films, television series, documentaries and variety show while continuing to teach the art of Muay Thai to local novices, especially women and children, and Muay Thai enthusiasts from around the world. She has also been actively participating in a campaign to remove gender-based barriers and to push for a change in Thai law to allow gender title to match the physical status after gender-reassignment surgery.
An RCB Boat-Service will leave Saphan Thaksin Pier, at 3:30 p.m.
A return RCB Boat-Service will leave the RCB Pier, at 7:00 p.m. Please contact at Concierge Counter on the 1st Floor)
When you reserve seats for the film, kindly inform if you would like to avail of the RCB boat-services.

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