RCB FILM CLUB RE-OPENS- ‘Hutsulka Ksenya’, Ukraine, SAT 29 AUG, 4:00 pm

‘HUTSULKA KSENYA’ (‘The Legend of Hutsulka Ksenya’)
UKRAINE (2019) (With English Sub-Titles)
1 Hr 30 Mins.
Directed by Olena Demyanenko
Kind Courtesy: Ukraine National Film Agency/Gagarin Media Film Company /
Olena Demyanenko
VENUE: RCB FORUM (2nd Floor, River City Bangkok)

Our Opening Film of 2020 is a new, unique, memorable movie from Ukraine, which is romance, comedy, musical, history, folklore, allegory – all rolled into one. It’s a rare multi-genre movie, which is entertaining, energizing, enjoyable. It’s also teasing and thought-provoking.

The story opens with the people of the Hutsul community from a village in the Carpathian Mountains, seeing the image of the legendary female spirit Ksenya in the distant sky and wondering what it signifies.
The rest of the film takes us to a world of beauty and fantasy, with much of the action taking place at a hotel in the mountains, whose owner’s beautiful daughter is also called ‘Ksenya’, a free spirit who adores her countryside. Into this idyllic setting enters a Ukrainian-American family, consisting of young Yaro, who will inherit one million dollars from his late father if he marries a local girl of ‘true Ukrainian spirit’, his uncle Mike, who will inherit some money if Yaro does fulfil this condition, a stern aunt Helen, her romantically-minded daughter Mary, who will inherit Yaro’s fortune if he does not marry, and who falls for a ‘Hutsul cowboy’ the moment she arrives in the village. Another interesting character in this ensemble drama, is an American butterfly-researcher, who reiterates the environment-theme of the story.
A major highlight of the story is the vibrant music of Ukraine’s famous music-band Dakh Daughters, who also double up as female helpers in the hotel. They belt out a wonderful range of folk, jazz, Broadway songs and dances, that create the whole fantasy-spirit of the magical film, and also delienate the varied layers of the story and characters.
It’s the last two lines in the movie that offer one an answer to the image of the female spirt in the first scene. The film portrays a lush picture of the Ukrainian landscapes and mountainscapes, rural beauty and pastoral harmony, which are refreshingly different from the tough reality that the country faces today. The various characters’ craze to migrate to America, is part of the emigrant spirit that was common in Ukraine between the two World Wars.
The film was made by one of Ukraine’s best-known female directors, with a cast of local and international artistes.
The magical, meaningful film created waves at more than 20 countries around the world and received the Grand Prix at the Atami International Film Festival in Japan. Not-to- be-missed.
We are grateful to the Embassy of Ukraine, for supporting the Opening Film of RCB Film Club’s 2020 Movie Series, and they will host a Reception after the screening.
Ukraine Ambassador H.E. Mr. Andrii Beshta will introduce the film.

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