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PTT Plc to start its sixth gas separation plant in November

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The Bangkok Post reported that PTT Plc expects its sixth gas separation plant, which was suspended by the Administrative Court in 2009 in its Map Ta Phut ruling, to be ready to start operations by November 2010. Mr Permsak Shevawattananon SVP at PTT Plc said that it was scheduled to receive the operating permit from the Industrial Works Department of the Industry Ministry within two months.
He said that the facility would enable the country to stop importing liquefied petroleum gas to serve huge demand in Thailand as the plant would produce 1 million tonnes of cooking gas per year. He added that “The temporary suspension of the plant’s operations prompted us to increase LPG imports by 100,000 tonnes per month to meet rising domestic demand. If the plant can start operation, it will reduce our huge losses. Once we get the permit from the Industrial Works Department we will spend another month for commissioning.”
The plant is one of 46 projects in Map Ta Phut belonging to the PTT Group that the court suspended last year pending compliance with Section 67 of 2007 Constitution, which requires harmful industries to complete environment and health impact assessments and have them reviewed by an independent body. The court recently allowed most projects to proceed, but the plant is waiting for its operating permit.
(Sourced from www.bangkokpost.com)

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