Provinces continue to vaccinate medical workers

Despite some concerns over the side effects of COVID-19 vaccinations, provinces across the country have remained committed to vaccinating Public Health and frontline workers.
The first Sinovac vaccinations have been given to physicians and medical professionals at Kanchanadit Hospital in Surat Thani with a total of 350 people receiving the first dose. Hospital director Dr. Ekachai Mukdapitak stated that 1,100 public health and health volunteers in Surat Thani, not including Koh Samui, have so far been given jabs, with the goal being to administer the shots to another 5,840 individuals by next week with second doses to be provided in three weeks.
At Sa Kaeo Crown Prince Hospital in Sa Kaeo province, some medical personnel have been given their second dose of vaccination. The province received 7,840 doses for 3,920 people with those targetted being medical workers, local quarantine officials, field hospital attendants and at-risk individuals. Recipients have so far voiced confidence in the process and a readiness to continue with their work. Sa Kaeo Governor Kriatisak Chantra has offered his own words of encouragement, saying that the situation is being well taken care of, urging trust and calm among the public.
Maharaj Hospital in Chiang Mai has completed giving two doses of vaccine to 455 medical workers and giving initial doses to another 645 workers, meeting a target of 1,110 inoculated staff members. Only minor side effects such as rashes or fatigue have been reported among recipients, with most saying any impact cleared up after 1-2 days. The majority stated their confidence in the vaccine.


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Reporter : Praphorn Praphornkul

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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