Prize Announcement of the 8th Thailand Tourism Awards 2010

In 2010, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has planned to hold the 8th Thailand Tourism Awards 2010 with the objective to promote management and services in various fields of the tourism industry to be of international quality standards and well recognised by tourists domestically and internationally, as well as environmentally-friendly management which will further enhance the tourism industry to attain sustainable tourism.
The 8th Thailand Tourism Awards 2010 has received a total of 315 entries in 5 categories. The judging panels have visited and inspected all applicants, and consequently deliberated at their meetings to select remarkable works having eco-friendly management, adapting the sufficiency economy theory, adding the value and volume of tourism products and services, and having readiness to promote tourism marketing, as a conceptual framework for judgement. In this year’s significant event, there are a total of 112 award winners.
TAT would like to express our congratulations and appreciation to all award winners for their exceptional work, and our further encouragement for all applicants. Please accept our sincere thanks for every contribution to Thailand to successfully make it a model of cooperation, determination toward sustainable tourism promotion, and upholding the national identity of graceful arts and culture.
Download the prize results of the 8th Thailand Tourism Awards 2010 here
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