Politicians react to 120 day deadline for reopening of nation

The spokesperson to the economic body of the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has confirmed the government will tread carefully in its plan to reopen the nation in 120 days but acknowledged that some risk is inherent in the interests of returning to normalcy.
Secretary-General of the Prime Minister’s Office, Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, as spokesperson to the economic body of the CCSA, voiced his belief confidence in the Prime Minister has risen despite attempts by certain groups to distort information and disorient the public. He stated his agreement with the PM’s plan for Thailand to welcome foreign tourists again in 120 days, saying it would benefit many in the country whose livelihoods depend on tourism. He asked that the wider public understand that a risk must be taken and that while some infections may occur, the government will be thorough in its handling of the situation.
Deputy Head of the Democrat Party and Advisor to the Minister of Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives Alongkorn Polabutr meanwhile, posted a statement to Facebook titled “Do Not Allow the Prime Minister to Unilaterally Set a Deadline of 120 Days to Reopen the Nation”. The post contains six suggestions, for all entities to be allowed to acquire foreign made COVID-19 vaccines, for more support for domestically manufactured vaccines, for an end to top-down administration through decentralization of power, for more public aid measures, for public support of the government towards establishing a Next Normal and for transparent administration that does not benefit any individual group or individual.
Leader of Seri Ruam Thai Party Pol Gen Seripisuth Temiyaves gave his opinion that the PM will not be able to reopen the nation in 120 days, pointing out that the government had declared it would end corruption two weeks prior and has yet to do so.


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