PM Srettha Addresses Nikkei Forum on Asia’s Leadership

PM Srettha Addresses Nikkei Forum on Asia’s Leadership

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin attended the 29th Nikkei Forum Future of Asia in Tokyo, delivering a speech on “Asia’s Leadership in a Volatile Global Context.” He emphasized the importance of Asian cooperation to address current challenges and proposed three collaborative strategies: promoting trade and investment, transitioning to green energy, and advancing digital transformation.

The Prime Minister highlighted the first challenge of maintaining centrality and avoiding conflict, advocating for a clear stance to protect regional interests. The second challenge involves revitalizing cooperation and opportunities, focusing on building regional and interregional partnerships. The final challenge addresses technological changes leading to digital transformation.

Prime Minister Srettha outlined three urgent areas for cooperation. Firstly, enhancing trade and investment collaboration, particularly through multilateral trade systems with the WTO. Secondly, supporting the transition to green energy, with Thailand aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase the share of clean energy to at least 50% of electricity production by 2040. Thirdly, fostering digital transformation to connect the world economically and socially.

The Prime Minister expressed confidence that these strategies would bring Asia closer to the desired global future. He emphasized the significance of the Nikkei Forum in fostering public-private cooperation, asserting that Asia must maintain its leading role and rebuild trust to strengthen during the Asian Century. Thailand is committed to standing alongside Japan in every step of development.

Furthermore, Prime Minister Srettha stressed that Asia’s development must come from economic and social cooperation to ensure long-term prosperity and stability. The three proposed strategies are key to guiding Asia towards future success and sustainability.