PM Prayut delivers Digital Government Awards

 The Prime Minister has nominated Digital Government development, cherishing innovations and expediting the 5G mobile network infrastructure auction, as being essential to support global growth.
Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha was presiding over the ceremony announcing Digital Government Awards 2019, when he delivered his remarks. The PM said that in the digital age, Thailand has to make rapid adjustments to correctly and beneficially utilize digital data in policy making and planning, in order to stay up to date with global developments, allowing timely responses, and better meeting the people’s needs. Meanwhile the government is also obligated to disclose important data in the interests of transparency.
He said all government agencies have to make adjustments, to become fully digital, improve services, and integrate and connect government information databases which allow access from anywhere in the country, resulting in the utilization of government data in the development of innovations. The government will also be stepping up moves towards the 5G network auction to create the infrastructure necessary for digital government operations.
The Prime Minister said during the ceremony, that the government has been streamlining related laws to reduce obstacles and comply with modern technology, on its path to realizing digital government, with a notable example being the state welfare card campaign and the central database for business permit applications, as well as the cancellation of ID card photocopies as a required document when contacting government agencies.
He also asked all agencies to cooperate and adopt Big Data utilization which involves surveys of the general public, to better create operational plans in keeping with digital government policies and national strategies.
Prime Minister Prayut has ordered the government’s Fake News Center to monitor and suppress scammers who operate fraudulent online pages on social media, tricking unsuspecting users into make too good to be true investments promising up to 90% profit. The center will take a close look at these schemes as well as educating users on the nature of online scams.
After delivering his remarks, the Prime Minister granted the Digital Government Awards 2019 to 10 department-level government agencies, and five certificates to provincial-level agencies.

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Reporter : Tanakorn Sangiam

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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