PM calls for country transformation after reopening

PM calls for country transformation after reopening

Thailand’s Prime Minister has invited all sectors to take part in a country transformation, following the country’s reopening to international visitors, with the new chapter of tourism being one of the main focuses.

Following Thailand’s reopening to international tourists, Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged all sectors to collaborate in the country’s transformation towards the New Normal in every aspect.

At the latest meeting of the Center for COVID-19 Situation Administration, the Prime Minister ordered government agencies to find new ways to thrive, starting with areas to which changes could immediately be applied, while at the same time pushing for positive changes to infrastructure development to attain sustainable growth.

In response to this new vision, the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has launched the new tourism concept “Amazing Thailand, Amazing New Chapters” to promote Thai tourism next year, with a focus on the New Normal, health, and safety.

The new concept aims to deliver new and more wonderful stories and experiences that meet all tourists’ needs, with campaigns promoting this concept being rolled out from now until the end of next year.

The TAT expects the tourism industry to be different due to the changing consumer behaviors towards the new normal.

The TAT anticipates that tourism businesses will need to change their business models to better focus on quality, rather than the number of tourists, as well as diversifying their target audiences to include both long-distance markets such as European countries and the Americas, as well as short-distance markets such as Asian and ASEAN countries so that they do not have to rely solely on a single market.

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