Pattaya to pilot Ko Lan tourism reopening

Pattaya City now aims to reopen Ko Lan off the coast of Chonburi province for international tourism in the near future, before extending the opening to other parts of the city, in line with the government’s 120-day country reopening goal.
The Mayor of Pattaya Sontaya Khunpluem said today the city is in favor of the government’s 120-day country reopening goal.
As a key tourism and economic city, the mayor said Pattaya has been making preparations and an economic and tourism recovery plan, starting with a tourism reopening pilot in Ko Lan off Pattaya’s coast.
To make this ambition possible, the city has launched a vaccination drive for businesses owners and workers on the island, with about 70% of them now vaccinated.
Pattaya City aims to make Ko Lan a ‘green zone’ for tourism, with the beauty of attractions and hospitable accommodation attracting visitors.
Mr Sontaya said the city will need to achieve a balance between the economic restart and public health, while a revival of tourism activities will start first with domestic tourists before the country’s reopening for international visitors in the future.


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Reporter : Paphamon Arayasukawat

Rewriter : Hugh Brammar

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