Officials put out forest fires in national park in Chiang Mai

The Governor of Chiang Mai, Charoenrit Sanguansat, said today that officials from many sectors have been working together to put out forest fires in Doi Suthep – Pui National Park. Surveillance units have been monitoring the forest area closely to ensure a prompt response to any outbreak.
Forest fires had been burning in Doi Suthep – Pui National Park for over a week, damaging more than 2,500 rai of land. The Chiang Mai Governor said all forest fires had now been extinguished, but officials are building firebreaks, while making sure that no new blazes break out in the national park. If a fire occurs again, firefighters will be able to put it out immediately. Firm measures have been taken in nearby villages to prevent the residents from burning forest land.
The local authorities have also tightened measures to monitor people people entering and leaving Doi Suthep – Pui National Park. A fourth command center was set up to address dust particles in Chiang Mai province. Located at Bhubing police station, it is responsible for prosecuting those who set fires in Doi Suthep – Pui National Park.
In the North, levels of particulate matter of 25 microns or less in diameter (PM2.5) measured between 47 and 251 micrograms per cubic meter in the air. Chiang Dao district of Chiang mai province recorded the highest level. Fine dust pollution reached unhealthy levels in eight provinces: Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Lampang, Phrae, Nan, Phayao, Sukhothai and Kamphaeng Phet. Westerly and southerly winds were blowing smog into several border provinces. More hotspots were reported in the nine upper northern provinces. There were 2,444 hotspots in total, with 518 hotspots in Chiang Mai, 411 in Tak, 405 in Nan and 273 in Chiang Rai.

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