Medical team to evacuate Thais from Wuhan city

The government has prepared medical teams, nurses and medical supplies to go on a flight to evacuate Thai nationals from Wuhan city.
Deputy Prime Minister/Public Health Minister Anutin Charnvirakul confirmed today that the ministry has medical personnel and supplies ready for a mission to evacuate the Thais from Wuhan on Tuesday.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is now arranging the flight and coordinating with the Thai embassy in Beijing and Wuhan officials, to make possible the evacuation of the Thais from an airport in Wuhan. The eight-person medical team includes emergency doctors and infectious disease specialists in addition to nurses and medical supplies.
Upon arrival back in Thailand, each Thai national from Wuhan will be screened under the standard screening process to ascertain their status in regard to coronavirus. It remains to be seen if any might be quarantined, pending results of a consultation with the prime minister.

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