Marisha Wojciechowska: Author, Publisher, and Solo-Entrepreneur

Marisha Wojciechowska: Author, Publisher, and Solo-Entrepreneur

Marisha Wojciechowska is a seasoned consultant specializing in sustainable development and water management policies across Asia. Her extensive experience includes collaborations with diverse entities like multilateral agencies, governments, research institutes, NGOs, and International Financial Institutions (IFIs), contributing extensively to the high-level policy landscape of Japan and Southeast Asia.

Beyond her consultancy endeavors, Marisha Wojciechowska is an author, publisher, and solo-entrepreneur, spurred on by her passion to expand children’s horizons. She is also a knowledgeable “redox” educator helping women and their loved ones live healthier and more fulfilled lives.

*My Globetrotter Book Series: Cultivating Young Global Citizens

At the heart of her creative pursuits is My Globetrotter Book series, a captivating venture designed to instill cultural awareness and foster global citizenship among children. Her vibrant and well-designed, fun activity books spark curiosity, transcending borders and offering young minds an enchanting journey into the world and its diversity of cultures.

*My Bodytrotter Book: Nurturing Understanding at a Cellular Level

Expanding her educational pursuit, Marisha introduced My Bodytrotter Book, an exploration into the intricacies of cell biology and cell signaling, designed for young readers. The book blends entertaining puzzles and games with knowledge, aiming to educate children on the foundations of a healthy life through vibrant storytelling and engaging visuals.

*Unlocking Vitality: Marisha’s Advocacy for Redox Signaling Molecules

Marisha’s passion extends to the frontier science of Redox Signaling Molecules. She ardently advocates for their role in optimizing cellular function for overall health, unlocking the body’s natural potential for vitality and well-being.

*Aspirations Beyond the Pages: Corporate Partnerships and Sustainability Initiatives

Looking ahead, Marisha aspires to build corporate partnerships, tailoring special editions of her books for companies eager to provide unique and educational experiences to their clients and staff. Simultaneously, she actively seeks sponsors for her upcoming book titles (such as, Bali, Angkor Wat, and why not support the creation of another title!). Aside from globetrotting to new destinations, she is also keen on creating a book on sustainability for kids, so they can cultivate an early understanding of environmental responsibility and inspire the values that actively contribute to a sustainable future. Through these initiatives, Marisha aims to empower the next generation with knowledge and awareness that extends beyond traditional educational boundaries.

Associated with a company offering women a non-toxic, native cellular health technology to enhance energy, vitality, sleep quality, and alleviate pain, she not only promotes the gift of well-being but also empowers women to establish an additional source of income for themselves and their families through this health-conscious endeavor.

Within her multifaceted role as an author, publisher, consultant and solo-entrepreneur, Marisha navigates the intersection of creativity and education, sustainability and well-being and seeks opportunities to connect and make a positive impact on the lives of children and women in particular.

By Dr. Manisha Bose
Lecturer, ABAC
Chapter Head #WomenPower a Global Movement Thailand.
[email protected]
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