Khao Kheow Open Zoo holding vote to name new pygmy hippo

Khao Kheow Open Zoo has introduced its latest member, a baby pygmy hippopotamus to visitors; it is the sixth of the species born in the zoo.
The Director of Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Attaporn Srihayrun, called the birth of the new pygmy hippo a very welcome occurrence. The male baby was born to 20-year-old female Jonah and 21-year-old male Tony on October 27 this year. The zoo is now holding a vote to decide between the names Moo-tun and Kagi, with a 3,000 baht prize and 10 one-year free passes to the zoo, up for grabs. Votes can be cast via the zoo’s official Facebook page between now and December 20, with winners to be announced on the page on December 28.
Veterinarians at the zoo have evaluated both the newborn and its mother as being in good health, and visitors have noted that the mother and child are inseparable. They have become a major attraction with visitors snapping their photos.
A pygmy hippopotamus resembles others of their genus, but are only one tenth the average size of other hippos. They are usually a solitary animal and are normally averse to human contact. They have poor eyesight but a strong sense of smell and are herbivores.

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