Government Introduces Combo Pass for EV Bus and Boat Services

Government Introduces Combo Pass for EV Bus and Boat Services

The Ministry of Transport has introduced one-fare electric cards to help Bangkok commuters save money by using electric buses and boats.

The one-fare electronic card, known as the Hop Card, was introduced on Thursday (Dec 22) during the “Thai Smile Happy Gift: Start to Connect” event organized by the Ministry of Transport. The event was presided over by Permanent Secretary to the Transport Ministry Chayatham Promsorn.

According to Chayatham, the cards will be sold in two different packages. At the cost of 40 baht per day, the initial package provides customers with unlimited rides on electric buses inside the Thai Smile network, which services over 120 routes in Bangkok. In the second package, clients pay 50 baht daily for unlimited rides on electric buses and boats operated by Thai Smile Bus.

Chayatham noted that there are currently 1,250 electric buses transporting over 10,000 passengers daily on over 120 routes. He stated that the ministry’s goal for the upcoming year is to increase the number of electric buses in Bangkok and the suburbs to 3,500 and to expand the link to electric railways to provide more access to commuters within the city.

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