Customer’s “New Normal” when using the services of any establishment

A number of businesses and activities are allowed to reopen again with strict disease control measures to prevent a second wave of the outbreak. The Government has suggested the public to practice the “new normal” when using the services of any establishment.

*The steps before going out*
1. Consider yourself to see whether you are sick or at risk.
2. Assess the need to leave home, and make plans before going out.
3. Choose to receive services from the establishments that follow government disease control measures.
4. Wear protective equipment such as face masks and face shields, and wash hands often with soap and water or alcohol based hand sanitizer gel.
5. Comply with hygiene procedures of the establishments.
*Basic guidelines for visiting a business establishment*
1. Check in by scanning the QR code.
2. Comply with hygiene procedures of the shops, such as body temperature checks.
3. Clean your hands regularly.
4. Do not share items with others and try not to talk to one another loudly to prevent the spread of the virus.
5. Avoid entering congested places.
6. Practice physical distancing
We won’t let our guard down, and we’ll fight this outbreak together.
Source: ศูนย์ข้อมูล covid-19,