By Dr.Manisha Bose

Being of Indian origin but born and raised in Thailand, she embraces both cultures proudly while  still maintaining her ethnic roots and values. She is a multi-talented woman, someone whose authenticity and easy-going nature is easily visible the first time you meet her. 


She currently owns her own jewelry brand called ‘Navara Jewelry’ in which she designs and sell hi-fashion statement jewelry, a business she started 5 years ago out of passion.

Along with designing and selling her Jewelry, she has also been under the limelight in the past year with a variety of projects under her belt.

Few of her recent projects include modeling for various designer clothing brands, acting in a global TV Commercial for Fedex, modeling in a music video for an Indian singer Simran Keys amongst few others. 

Her journey into the limelight, is a new-found challenge which allows her to discover and reinvent herself more. It also complements her current jewelry business in many ways. 

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With an eye for detail, she puts great care and heart into whatever she does and goes an extra mile to do it well. Just getting it done is never enough. That’s what makes a difference. This nature also projects in the way she dresses and presents herself too. 

Apart from that, she is a woman of many hats and talents. Her abilities and sense of style has lately brought her recognition in both local and international magazines. She was featured as a model and jewelry designer by an indian-based international fashion magazine called Spotless Fashion Magazine in November 2022, which looks for upcoming ‘beauty with talents’ from across the world to feature in their monthly issue. 

And again, her sense of fashion and achievements caught the eyes of our very own local Masala Magazine, May 2023 issue. She was featured yet again as their ‘IT Girl’ who wears her heart on her sleeves and encourages women to be comfortable in their skin and believe in themselves and acquire a true sense of confidence that comes from building yourself as a person and letting your abilities define you

Her growth as a person has come from the many endeavors she has undertaken since young. With a strong drive to achieve and zest to learn, she started exploring her abilities right from her college days where she got herself involved in many activities from organizing college events, forums, campaigns to working part time jobs as a teacher, administrative job in a jewelry company and liaison for Tourism Authority of Thailand amongst many others.

Right after college she has stepped into several career lines like hotel banqueting and event organization and later went on to work as a Newswriter & PR The Mall Group (Emporium & Paragon) and wrote to promote the Hi-brands & events to get their news published in all major English Newspapers and Magazines in Thailand. With many articles published under her name in the Bangkok Post and exposure to fashion, experience in PR and event planning led her to step into the booming Indian wedding planning business in Thailand. Although different, each of these career paths required similar qualities – creativity, an eye for detail and a lot of resilience. 

Starting a family meant she had to step back and slow down from the demands of wedding planning as she believed then that work can wait but her children’s childhood years will never return, and she wanted to do her best and fulfill her role as a mother first.

But not long after, her drive to accomplish and love for creating got her turning her arty crafty hobby into a business 

Being an artist at heart, she started with creating many fun cool craft workshops like mosaic, gel candles,  decoupage, clay molding, mixed media art. Eventually other products and services were gradually added –  supplying Art & Craft products and DIYs / Wedding trousseau packing / assistance with school projects / repairing jewelry / personalizing items and making of Diwali Hattis – a miniature town or set of structures that is displayed at first diwali celebrations of an Indian child and to portray parents’ dreams for their child. 

Over a decade of operating Creative Club Bkk gained her a widespread reputation as ‘a creative’ person. While still operating her studio, her love for styling and dressing up eventually got her opening up her own brand of statement jewelry as she wanted to stress that sophistication and style doesn’t always have to rip our pockets. Her brand ‘Navara Jewelry’ boasts a wide range of statement pieces which looks very classy but are at very reasonable prices. 

As challenging as it is to run a family while juggling her businesses, she believes that nothing worthy comes easy. From the many hardships and challenges, she has always chosen to grow as a person and resiliently pushed through even when she wasn’t sure on how to go about any endeavor or challenge. She is grateful for the opportunities but it was never just luck handed on a silver plate. It has always been a lot of hard work, effort and doing her best when opportunity hits. 

When asked what she thinks about the # woman power group in Thailand she says it is impressive that has brought so many women under one roof and Tina herself firmly believes in lifting each other. 

Presented by Dr.Manisha Bose

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