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Celebrate holiday season with Bangkok Flora Festival🌻🌺🌼🌹🌸🌷📸

Celebrate holiday season with Bangkok Flora Festival🌻🌺🌼🌹🌸🌷📸
Five parks in Bangkok are hosting five different flower displays as part of Bangkok Flora Festival celebrating the holiday season, with the sunflower field at Vachirabenjatas Park to end on 20th December. Make sure to plan a visit this weekend to the Rot Fai Park(Chaturchak district) to take some selfies with the beaming sunheads🌻🤳
The sunflower field at Rot Fai Park(Train Park in Chaturchak district Bangkok) is now open to the general public until 20th December.
A field at this Vachirabenjatas or Rot Fai Park has been transformed into a field of 30,000 sunflowers, which is one of the five flower displays held as part of Bangkok Flora Festival across five public parks in the capital.
Pollen-free! The sunflowers at Rot Fai Park have been grown from modified seeds which mean the flowers produce no pollen.They are of the Vincent’s Choice variety, which is suitable for those with allergies. People with an allergy or sensitivity to pollen are welcome to visit and enjoy the scenery👍🏻
Zinnias, lotuses, and rice plants are also on display in the park.🌾
It will be followed by a Madagascar periwinkle display at Wanapirom Romklao Park on 12th-31st January 2021, then a Mexican aster display at Pom Maha Kan on 10th-20th April 2021, a garden of Mexican marigolds, Mexican aster, and Marguerite Daisies at Chatuchak Park from June to July 2021, and finally a garden of cock’s comb and Madagascar periwinkle at Lumphini Park.
Residents of #Bangkok are invited to visit these events being held at five locations as per schedule, from the holiday season this year until later next year.
Close to nature – A much safer open-air and healthier option in the wake of the #Covid-19 pandemic than roaming the much more risky closed air-conditioned shopping malls. Masks are mandatory everywhere as a safety precaution😷 Stay safe while sharing a selfie with the enchanting flowers at the Bangkok Flora #Festival🌷🌸🌹🌻
Photo: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

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