Buddhists nationwide make merit on Asanha Puja Day

During the religious holidays of Asanha Puja Day and Buddhist Lent Day, people are going out to make merit at temples, while many buy Lent candles in tribute to the occasion.
At the municipal fresh market in Phichit, a large number of people bought Lent candles, offerings, inner garments and yellow robes for the making of merit on Asanha Puja and Buddhist Lent Day. Although affected by recent COVID-19 limitations on community life, most people were still able to buy as many offerings as last year. The operator of a shop selling offerings at the market, said this year’s sales are no different from the previous year and most buyers are regular customers.
In Khon Kaen, although people continue to buy Lent candles to be offered to a temple, if compared to last year, the number is down by half. The operator of an offerings shop in the city said it had been expected that COVID-19would affect the economy, but the shop is still selling Lent candles at the same price as in the previous year.
At Nong Waeng Phra Aram Luang Temple, Khon Kaen province, people from other provinces also visit the temple to pay their respects to the Lord Buddha’s relics inside the chapel. They also made offerings and gave Lent candles to monks before traveling to various tourist spots. The temple has maintained strict screening measures including body temperature measurement, scanning by the Thai Chana QR Code, and keeping a distance from one another.
At Chet Yot Phra Aram LuangTemple, Muang Chiang Mai district, Chiang Mai province, a Buddhist promotion week event on the occasion of Asanha Buja and Buddhist Lent Day 2020, has been held. People participated in a Big Cleaning activity and cleaned the area around the temple.

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