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Bangkok Ranks Most Popular City in Asia for Digital Nomads

Bangkok Ranks Most Popular City in Asia for Digital Nomads

A study by Resume.io, a Netherlands-based online resume maker, has found that Bangkok is the most popular city in Asia for digital nomads and ranks fourth globally, supported by affordable internet and living costs.

Resume.io indicated that Bangkok’s ranking shows it is a firm favorite for a post-pandemic influx of digital nomads who can work anywhere via telecom technologies by using laptops, often at coffee shops, co-working spaces and public libraries.

According to Resume.io, the rankings were determined by analyzing geo-location data of almost 90,000 Instagram posts tagged #digitalnomad and a cost of living index.

Rolf Bax, a content specialist at Resume.io, said Bangkok fits perfectly with nomadic lifestyles, with cheap living costs, easy transport and warm weather. Thailand can capitalize on this opportunity by enhancing its appeal to digital nomads, and can also gear up for investments in programs that attract overseas workers, marketing the country as the No.1 destination in Asia.


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Reporter : Woraprat Lerpaisal

Rewriter : Woraprat Lerpaisal

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