Bangkok opens 6th field hospital

Bangkok Governor, Atsawin Khwanmuang, today followed the first day of operation of Bangkok’s 6th field hospital located in Bangkok Noi district, and capable of handling 200 patient beds.
Bangkok’s 6th field hospital is located in Wat Sri Sudaram temple in Bangkok Noi district. The hospital is designed to receive patients with no symptoms or only mild symptoms.
The facility has 100 beds for male and 100 beds for female patients. Doctors, nurses and other medical staff are from Ratchaphiphat hospital, and ensure that patients who develop more serious symptoms are immediately transferred to the hospital.
A patient sent to this field hospital is required to bring clothes, toiletries, and enough medicines for any congenital disease, to cover a 14 day stay.
During the stay, patients will be communicating regularly with medical staff via the LINE application to avoid close contact as much as possible. Useful items like an electric kettle can be brought in by the patients too.


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Reporter : Sirakij Pornbanggird

Rewriter : Tarin Angskul

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