Bangkok Governor Praises MUT 2022 as Bangkok’s Pride

Bangkok Governor Praises MUT 2022 as Bangkok’s Pride

The Bangkok Governor has praised Miss Universe Thailand 2022, describing her as a source of inspiration and the pride of Bangkok.

On August 3, Governor Chadchart Sittipunt presided over a ceremony to welcome Anna Sueangam-iam, Miss Universe Thailand 2022, and four runners-up. Anna’s father, Somchai Sueangam-iam, who worked for the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) for 32 years, was also present during the ceremony.

In addition to congratulating Anna on her accomplishment, the Bangkok governor also thanked Anna’s parents for their efforts to keep the city clean and congratulated them on raising their child to be successful.

Chadchart stated that the BMA is excited to work with the newly crowned Miss Universe Thailand and her social change campaigns, adding that her childhood experience assisting her father with garbage collection will help her waste management campaign reach a larger audience and support the BMA’s current efforts to make Bangkok a cleaner city.

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