Bangkok Administration Tightens Sanitation Measures in Large Fresh Markets

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) has stepped up sanitation measures in 29 large fresh markets in the capital, where 18,963 merchants and workers are based.
BMA deputy city clerk Chawin Sirinak said the BMA has told operators in 11 districts of Bangkok that the tougher rules at fresh markets are to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Traders at any stall who suffer an infection will have to stop trading for 14 days and COVID-19 tests will be conducted on all those who operate adjacent stalls.
He said suitable quarantine facilities will also be sought in the neighborhoods, where the BMA will also ramp up vaccinations.
All stall owners, staff and customers must follow the DMHTTA (Distancing, Mask-wearing, Hand washing, Temperature-Testing Application) protocol and the BMA will seek antigen test kits from the Public Health Ministry and other sources to carry out regular testing.


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Reporter : Woraprat Lerpaisal

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