Bang Sue Station Faces Wheelchair Shortage as Many Elderly People come for Vaccinations

Thailand’s Ministry of Transport says that large numbers of the elderly in Bangkok have been using the walk-in vaccination service at Bang Sue Grand Station, leading to a shortage of wheelchairs.
Deputy permanent secretary for Transport Sorapong Paitoonphong said people over 75 have been turning up, en masse, each morning for their COVID-19 vaccinations, and the station’s 200 wheelchairs are insufficient.
He said the station is seeking extra wheelchairs from other agencies, apologized for any inconvenience and recommended afternoon visits instead, as this is a relatively quiet period with fewer people turning up to receive their injections.
Mr. Sorapong said the Bang Sue Grand Station facility has been performing over 20,000 inoculations a day, of whom 4,000 are for senior citizens. The elderly have been granted special dispensation to use the service, without prior appointment, from June 30 to July 18 between 9.30am and 6pm.


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Reporter : Subhabhong Rarueysong

Rewriter : Hugh Brammar

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