An invitation to start a new career in a rapidly growing industry, regardless of educational background or previous professional experience

ADI, a regional provider of IT outsourcing, recruitment and consulting services with over 700 consultants across SEA, announces its plans to launch a new initiative for training job candidates in IT recruitment. The training, which will be conducted both onsite and offsite, will last two business weeks and will be provided at no costs for participants. Upon successful completion of the course the candidates will be offered job opportunities within ADI.

IT recruitment is an exciting, fast-paced profession that connects hiring managers with top technical talent. IT recruiters find, screen, and hire job applicants in the information technology sector. Small to large companies use IT recruiters to hire professionals for various areas of technology. Some of the professional positions they recruit for include system architects, system analysts, software developers, system engineers, and technical support staff members. IT recruiters can work as part of an in-house team, or as part of a specialist recruitment agency. Like other recruiters, an IT recruiter’s responsibilities include finding and screening candidates, arranging interviews, and acting as a liaison between companies and prospective employees. Ultimately, recruiters are responsible for finding a good fit for an open position.

What makes IT recruitment a particularly attractive career is a high demand for specialists in this field combined with relatively low entry barriers for entering the profession. Contrary to popular belief, IT recruiters don’t need to possess an educational background in tech (although at least a basic knowledge of current technologies can be useful). IT recruiters may come from diverse backgrounds, and it is much more important for them to be willing to learn and have well-developed soft skills — recruiters constantly interact with people, so being personable, empathetic, and open-minded is essential. Effective IT recruiters have entrepreneurial mindsets, are strong communicators, highly organised and enjoy the challenge. 

The increased demand for IT specialists supports the growth of the IT recruitment industry, creating new opportunities for career development in the field. This trend highlights the need for professional education and training in IT recruitment which would provide a deep and solid foundation for building a career in this profession. The educational initiative launched by ADI aims to close the existing gaps in IT recruitment training, creating exciting professional opportunities in a rapidly growing industry. 

“IT recruitment is an exciting career with solid remuneration packages, it is a great job which pays well. There is literally no ceiling in terms of the potential income — on top of the basic salary there are incentives and commissions,” said Amit Lal Singh, CEO at ADI Group. “Our program will help those who might have lost their jobs during the pandemic and are looking for a fresh start. We will train them and offer them their first work to launch a new career. Anyone with good communication skills and motivation can succeed in this field — a highly rewarding field, where one can really contribute to uplifting the society help others get the right job.”

The training program will be first launched in Bangkok, with the plans to further expand in other countries in the region. Interested candidates are encouraged to contact ADI via email in order to learn more about the eligibility requirements as well as course details.


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