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14 thousand factories under water and 670 thousand flood-hit employees invited to register their employment status in ‘Friends Help Friends’ project.

The Department of Labour Protection and Welfare (DLPW) said that right now 14 thousand factories are inundated and more than 670,000 people are affected. Related employees, consequently, can fill the form to inform if they are still employed or laid-off, and register in ‘Friends Help Friends’ project.
Mr Arthit Ismo, Director-General of DLPW, reported on the impact of the flood crisis, that according to the data collected on 21 October 2011 in 19 provinces, there are 678,227 employees and 14,818 businesses affected by floods.
At present, Bang Kadi Industial Park are completely under water after the operations inside have temporily closed in anticipation of flood arrival. Lat Krabang and Bang Chan Industrial Estates are the two not affected by flood and still under careful watch.
DLPW is now providing the form for any effected employee to fill in at www.labour.go.th, 1546 hotline or every Provincial Labour Protection and Welfare Office. The form is meant to assist the affected employees in claiming their employment status with their current organizations.
Using the information in the forms, DLPW will cooperate with the employers to assure that the person is still employed and will receive compensation money for the period during which the organizations are temporarily closed. Also, the form will serve as a channel for the employees to register in “Friends Help Friends’ project, in which 28,615 vacancies from 170 businesses are available. For further information, visit www.labour.go.th.
Director-General of DLPW added that he wants the affeced workers to fill the form in the website for the department is able to check whether if each employee is still employed or laid-off before continuing with the suitable assisting measure for each case. For example, if the employee is fired, the employer will be contacted to pay compensation wage as stipulated in the Labour Protection Act. As for those interested to register in ‘Friends Help Friends’ project, they will be assisted by the businesses under the project and will be offered shelter.

source: http://thainews.prd.go.th/en/news.php?id=255410210013

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