Health and Safety

Some people may worry about their health in Thailand or about Thailand safety, but Thailand is a very safe country, generally free of crime and most dangerous diseases.  Regardless, travelers should take standard precautions. Avoid walking alone at night in remote areas and keep tabs on your valuables (such as your wallet or camera) when in crowded public areas.  Some diseases that travelers may be exposed to, such as Dengue Fever, are mosquito borne and should be protected against with quality mosquito repellant.  Minor stomach illnesses can be avoided by drinking bottled water and by eating made-to-order foods.  Fortunately, if you need to go to a Thailand hospital, there are many hospitals with world class service around the kingdom, particularly in Bangkok. Furthermore, there are police stations and tourist police booths located in and around all major tourist areas and police are typically very helpful to foreigners.

For 24 hour emergency assistance dial: 191
For tourist police:  1155

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